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Hi my name is Graham Goddard and I am delighted to introduce my website covering a whole range of good health related topics. It’s called Fair Health Together and pretty much covers everything in the title.

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I will be exploring different aspects of good health in general and subjects like depression, stress & anxiety, acne, eczema, nutrition, asthma, diabetes and insomnia in particular. I will look closely at these different medical conditions offering information about each subject as well as proving useful ways of treating the problems.

better health togetherI am a keen believer in natural cures and so I will not be advising any complicated or expensive medications. In fact I leave it to the medical experts to prescribe these types of medicine and drug related treatments. They are the experts so let’s keep well away from that one!

healthy familyMy philosophy is essentially down to self-help in most instances. We need to look at the causes of problems and start the healing process from there. I may from time to time recommend self-help products, but this is purely by way of offering an additional service to my readers. There will be no pressure to try anything that has not been tried and tested and proved to be completely safe.

To help you out I have added The Health Store to this site. It is a one stop shop to get a whole range of healthy diet and nutritional products. In fact it covers a wide range of products including health & beauty, hair care, visual care, baby & child care etc, etc etc. The list goes on. Take a look and you might like what you see there.

health fairI will be enrolling the help and assistance of a number of experts in their various health related fields to contribute guest posts. I hope by offering this service I will be able to both provide variety in the content matter and different views and thinking on current medical and health topics.

As I stated earlier the title of this website offers an accurate insight into the aims and aspirations of the site. Fair Health Together says it all.

  • Fair and unbiased dissemination of information on health topics for all to access.
  • Health topics of varying sorts covered in an uncomplicated and sensible manner.
  • Together we will try to overcome our health related problems.

With regard to the range of health topics I hope to be covering the main thing to bear in mind is that you are not alone. There are many people out there suffering as you do, so please keep that thought in mind when you read these pages. If you know anyone who you thing will benefit from this website please pass the details on to them. Finally I sincerely hope you will find both comfort and inspiration among the pages of the Fair Health Together website.

Beat Depression And Start Enjoying More Happiness!

In this post we will take a quick look at depression and the problems associated with the various forms of the condition. In order to beat depression you need to know exactly what depression is and then look at the possibility of the many and varied treatment options. You will find numerous sources of information that will help you in your quest to find out how to cure depression. Our aim here in this short post is to give you a hint of how to beat depression without going into too much technical and medical detail. Sometime people just want to know the basics for them to move forward with a treatment strategy. Perhaps you already know these tips we are offering but it is good sometimes to hear it said by somebody else.

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Things To Do To Beat Depression

Establish a regimen or routine for your life. Having a well-established regimented routine to follow can assist by reducing stress and anxiety from the main areas of your life’s horizon. Understanding as best you can exactly what may lie ahead of you in your life can assist you to feel much better and more ready to handle any unforeseen occasions. Having a back-up strategy and a great schedule are excellent techniques in preparation for what life has to throw at you.

keep calm beat depressionMake certain to discuss your depression with your partner. Include your partner in your treatment plans and efforts. If you are following any prescribed routine workouts and therapies then include your partner from the beginning. Collaborating in these endeavours will certainly assist in the task of bringing you more together as a couple. It will likewise make your treatment strategy much more efficient than if you were going it alone.

It may sound somewhat simplistic but hang around outdoors. Simple as that! The sun is a constant source of vitamin D, which might assist those suffering with depression. Added to that the change of scenery could help to lift your spirits. Give yourself the task of attempting to remain outside for a minimum of half an hour a day.  Then see if it improves your condition.

Attempting to have more of an active socialising lifestyle can assist you when it comes to try to combat your depression. It is not healthy to invest all your time alone, though you may in the first instance actually want to keep yourself to yourself. This is typical behaviour of many people suffering from depression. By consciously interacting with more individuals, you will start to take small steps towards the healing process. Try concentrating on other activities with other people and you will become less wrapped up in your own trouble and woes.

Things To Avoid When Beating Depression

beat depression nowDo not consume alcohol or recreational drugs of any sort. Alcohol imitates a downer in the body, which can be awfully unpleasant for depressed individuals. The day after you consume these toxins you will probably feel so “out of it” that you might even be tempted to begin consuming once again. If that should be the case you will certainly feel much more miserable and depressed. Keep away from alcohol and drugs and you’ll have the capacity to focus more plainly.

These are not exhaustive lists but they do begin to give you a flavour of how to beat depression from a self-help perspective.

Healthy Living For You And Your Children

In this post we concentrate on the topic of healthy living in the context of family life. It is so hard these days in the hectic lifestyles we all lead to ensure we give enough time and thought to healthy living. Throw a small child into the mix and the problem becomes even more complex. So I have the thoughts of a guest blogger for this post. The views expressed here are not my own but those of the author Gill Stephens.

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They so much desire to be simply like us, that they will certainly do exactly what we do, whether it’s bad or excellent. My boy is now 2 years old and enjoys to dance, chase after bubbles, run with his pets, and go for strolls. These are things he currently takes pleasure in doing and when we do them together, we both get an excellent exercise which adds to our quest for healthy living!
I merely sat down and made a list of the foods I desired him to consume based on their dietary material– this consisted of lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and really little processed and sweet foods. I’m pleased to state that my child consumes an extremely healthy diet plan. Being a great example for our kid has actually benefited us!
Some moms and dads most likely believe I’m insane, however, my kid is over 2 years old and has probably only had juice 4 or 5 times. Periodically I will let him have some watered down orange juice since, of course, he sees Mommy consuming it and desires to be like me.
They desire absolutely nothing more than to be like us. I think that by following these easy guidelines my whole household will be much healthier and most significantly, my child will certainly grow up having established healthy living routines. I hope you discover these ideas handy and I wish you and your household extremely healthy living!



Eat a well-balanced diet plan
Prior to my child being old enough to consume “genuine” food, I never ever put much thought into the quality of food I was preparing and/or consuming for our meals. As soon as he was able to join us for meal time and ask/beg for food, I recognized extremely rapidly that the food I offered for us ALL had to be healthy.
healthy livingIn my case, it has actually been really crucial to me right from the start that my boy lives a healthy way of life. I didn’t precisely understand back when he was very first born exactly what all that would require, however I have actually found out 3 necessary policies that I think promote healthy living for the entire household.
As soon as he was able to join us for meal time and ask/beg for food, I understood extremely rapidly that the food I offered for us ALL had to be healthy. I’m delighted to state that my boy consumes a really healthy diet plan. I think that by following these basic policies my whole household will be much healthier and most notably, my kid will certainly grow up having established healthy living practices.
All of us desire what is hopefully the best for our kids. In my case, it has actually been extremely important to me right from the start that my boy should follow a healthy way of living. I didn’t precisely understand back when he was born exactly what all that would require, however I have actually found out the vital policies that I think promote healthy living for the entire household.


I hope and trust you enjoyed that heartfelt insight into the lives of Gill and her family. I have known Gill for many years. She is a working Mum and balances all life has to challenge her with, especially when it come to ensuring healthy living for her family. As you may well have guessed from the language Gill is from the united States, California to be exact. It just shows how getting the healthy living balance transcends continents.

Essential Information To Understand Diabetes

Essential Information To Understand Diabetes


The word diabetes conjures up worry for lots of individuals. How many people really understand diabetes? There are many effective techniques you can utilise to combat diabetes. Much can be done to manage diabetes. There are communities of individuals eager to share information and experiences on diabetes from around the world. The internet, blog sites and websites like this one can help you to find out from one another about appropriate methods to handle the illness.

Background & Precautions For Diabetics

understanding diabetesIf you are Diabetic, check your blood sugar prior to going to bed. If your sugar is low, then to make sure you’ll be fine over the long night till the early morning, it’s essential to consume something. It’s often recommended to take some food before retiring to bed.

It is essential that you take care of your feet if you have diabetes. Sound crazy but nevertheless it is a vital part of managing your condition. In extreme cases basic cuts can develop into infections. For diabetics, these infections can trigger significant complications such as gangrene which itself could lead to an amputation. Examine your feet daily and if you discover any cuts or other abnormalities, get them seen too.

If you are newly diagnosed as Diabetic, try to get your thyroid inspected. Getting a blood test to make sure that your thyroid is doing fine is an excellent step to take prior to you going onto any regime of medications for Diabetes.

Eat Well & Look After Yourself

If you are diabetic, one of the most crucial ideas to follow is to have a correct diet plan. This type of diet plan is crucial in achieving total wellness for anyone and everyone, however, for diabetics it’s vital in order to keep blood sugar under control.

diabetesIt is essential that your overall diet consists of a particular quantity of carbohydrates in your eating plan if you have diabetes. Diet plans that do not have carbohydrates can trigger a diabetic not to obtain the correct vitamins and nutrients that they require in order to regulate their diabetic condition.

It could be a smart move to seek advice from a qualified dietician for pointers on how to properly prepare meals when it comes to dealing with food and handling your diabetes. They have the ability to educate you and thereby give you the knowledge to understand exactly what foods to stay clear of.  They will offer you a choice of preparation ideas to make sure that you are doing all you can to keep blood glucose in check.

Attempt to keep your body fat as low as possible since the more you weigh, the higher the known risk is of getting diabetes later in life. Lower the quantity of red meat and carbohydrates that you consume to optimise your possibility of preserving your health as you get older.

The Next Step Forward

We know diabetes can be a debilitating illness and it has an impact on the lives everyone who has the condition. Of course some have more severe symptoms than others. It is important however to fully recognise diabetes and lead your life within the constraints of the condition. Diabetes is a wide ranging subject but I hope I have been able to shed some light on understanding diabetes.